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Work Based Learning

Work Based Learning

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​​Benefits for Community

·     Creates an environment of collaboration and cooperation

·     Builds confidence in the school system as results are observable

·     Encourages respect and tolerance between different groups

·     Builds the foundation for a more productive economy

· Benefits for Employers

·     Encourages involvement in the curriculum development process

·     Establishes a connection between industry professionals and education providers

·     Develops a good relationship between work site mentors and students

·     Provides potential skilled and motivated employees

·     Offers an opportunity to provide community service

 Benefits for Schools

·     Expands curriculum and learning facilities

·     Provides access to new and emerging techniques and technology

·     Makes education more relevant and valuable for students

·     Enhances the ability to meet the needs of diverse students

·     Provides opportunities for individualized instruction

·     Enhances student retention

·     Promotes faculty interactions with the community

·     Contributes to staff development

Benefits for Students

Provides opportunities to apply classroom learning to workplace experiences

Establishes clear connections between education and work site career applications

Creates opportunities for exploration of possible careers

Increases motivation to stay in school by making education more relevant

Improves awareness of postsecondary opportunities

Increases technical skills through their application in authentic tasks

Promotes the practice of positive work habits

Increases understanding of workplace expectations and skills needed

Enhances general workplace competencies, such as communication, teamwork, and project planning

Allows observation of work ethics of workplace professionals                   

Establishes professional contacts for future employment and mentoring

"New York State Work Based Learning Manual 2012"