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Work Based Learning

Work Based Learning

Work Based Learning



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The Goal of WBL is for you to LEARN
Employment: Must have working papers 
·        If you attend school and are 16 or 17 years of age, your employment certificate is colored green

In order to receive credit:
·        Student must be legally employed-"ON THE BOOKS." Which means your employer deducts state and federal employment taxes from   your check and pays disability insurance for you.
·        Employment between September and June
Not able to be used for WBL credit
·        If you are paid in "CASH" from your employer, you are working "OFF THE BOOKS." That means no taxes are taken out and it is illegal.
·        Summer employment
·        Previous year employment
·        Mandatory- First four assignments-no exceptions!
·        Depending on the amount of credits/hours you are pursuing, you may choose which other assignment(s) you would like to submit for credit
·        Assignments must be completed in their entirety
·        Assignments not completed=NO CREDIT
How you will be evaluated:  
·        All completed work that is submitted for an evaluation must be printed.
·        All work will be compiled in a portfolio and evaluated at the conclusion of each marking period.
·        All work that is submitted for an evaluation by the coordinator must receive a score of 80% or higher to receive completion credit for the assignment.
·        If the student does not receive an 80% on an assignment, it will be returned and it must be revised and resubmitted.
·        Your overall evaluation in the WBL program will be discussed during your monthly "check in" with the coordinator.
Site Visits: 
·      Coordinator will visit work site once per quarter.
·       The goals of the site visit are to make sure that the work place is safe  and the student is receiving the appropriate training- in addition to eliminating any problems that may be occurring presently or in the foreseeable future.
·        During that time, the coordinator will speak to the work supervisor to discuss certain topics such as attendance, attitude, and work ethic.

Monthly Check In Meeting: 

·        Once a month, you will be scheduled to meet with your coordinator to "check in."

·        Be prepared, come with questions, and let the coordinator know how everything is going.

·        Check the monthly meeting document to see what time and day you are scheduled.

·        If there is a "missed" next to your name, that means you skipped your meeting and need to reschedule.​