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Ms. Wezwick

Salk Middle School: (516) 434-7350

Ms. Wezwick


Spanish 7

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Spanish 7

September 21st: Exam on Sounds of Alphabet, Greetings, Salutations, Classroom Expressions and Unit Questions

October 6th: Exam on numbers 1-30, Equations

October 18th: Exam on numbers 40-100, Equations, Unit Questions

November 1st: Exam on Days,Months,Seasons, Expressing Dates, Unit Questions

November 14th: Extra Help - Pds. 5 and 6/ After School

November 15th: Exam on Telling Time/ AM and PM expressions/Noon and Midnight/ Military time/Unit Question

November 23rd: Weather Wheel Project due

November 30th: Exam on Weather & Nature vocabulary/Paragraph

December 13th: Locker Project due

December 14th: Exam on Classroom items/Definite Articles/Colors/ Unit Questions

December 13th: Extra Help - 7:15AM/ 5th and 6th Periods

January 6th: Exam on Subjects, Indef. Articles, Noun/Adjective Agreement, Verbs in the "yo" form, Paragraph

January 19th: Personal Identification (PID) Project due

January 26th: Exam on PID, adjectives, verb "essere" conjugations, subject pronouns, paragraph describing self

February 14th: Exam on Sports, equipment, verb "jugar" conjugations, paragraph

March 2nd: Pastimes Project due

March 7th: Exam on Pastimes, verb "ir" conjugations, paragraph

March 24th: Exam on Family, verb "tener" conjugations, plurals, paragraph

April 4th: Body Parts Project due

April 6th:  Exam on Body Parts: vocabulary and two unit questions

April 25th: Exam on Health/Welfare, all vocabulary, verb "tomar" conjugations, paragraph

May 9th: Refridgerator Project due

May 10th: Vocabulary Exam: Food and Drink vocabulary, catergorizing foods/drinks

May 17th: Exam on Food/Drink: vocabulary, verbos "comer" and "beber" conjugations, paragraph