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Ms. Morici

Ms. Morici

Lee Road Elementary School: (516) 434-7475

Ms. Morici : Tips for ELA Success

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Tips for ELA Success
  • When given multiple choice questions, students should cross out two choices (ridiculous choices) and then choose the correct answer from the last two choices.  One choice is called the distractor and the other one is the answer.
  • Timing is of the essence!!! Students tend to rush through work before the given time.  We look for Quality of work, NOT Quantity
  • Students can be encouraged to use a highlighter to prove their answers.  They can highlight the information that supported their answers.
  • It is never a good idea to be the 1st one done.
  • If they are unsure of answers, never guess.  Students should be encouraged to circle the question and move on.  Later on they can go back with a clear head and give it another shot. 
  • Students should be encouraged to circle or underline important information or vocabulary.