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Mr. Tomeo

Wisdom Lane Middle School: (516) 434-7300

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 Welcome to Mr. Tomeo's Math Page! 
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Y​ou've got problems? We've got solutions!
-Inspired by Emily Newman. Grade 8. Class of 2018.
Here you will find materials used to be successful in my current 7th and 8th grade math classes. 

Monday through Friday morning at 7:15.
Please inform me the day before if you planned to attend.
         How To Be An Amazing Math Student
  • ​​Come to class every day!
  • Be sure to do all of your homework​!
  • Check your answers or be sure to get them!
  • Always show your work.
  • Attend extra help! Do you know when it is?
  • Complete your IXL quizzes for the quarter.
            How To Be A Responsible Math Student
  • ​​Math is a story that builds upon itself. Keep up with it because missing part of the story will confuse you.
  • The more you practice on your own the better you become. Math is a skill. Skills require practice.
  • You may not understand the answer yet. Eventually you will! If you practice.
  • Organized work leads to organized thinking which leads to success. To clearly see ahead you need a clear path.

​The content on this site has been built with multiple internet and textbook resources as well as some of my own material.  The material on this site should be used for educational purpose only in the area of mathematics and not for profit of any kind.  Any printing or distribution of materials should be used for classroom purpose only. 


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