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Mr. Tomeo

Wisdom Lane Middle School: (516) 434-7300

Mr. Tomeo


Class Policies (7th-8th)

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Class Policies (7th-8th)
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Materials Needed

A 3-Ring binder of 2 inches or more to be used for handouts and worksheets. 
Everything should be dated and kept in sections* as you obtain documents.

*Lessons. Homeworks. Returned Assesments. Labs and Activities.

A section of loose-leaf paper will be useful at times problem sets that do not
fit on the worksheet although most documents you will have room to work. 
An interactive notebook will be made throughout the school year as well 
in which major ideas will be glued into and stored.


There are no calculators issued in class. I only have one class set of 10. Each student is 
expected to have their own TI-30 scientific calculator to use in class, at home or on 
assessments. The topic being studied will depend on how much the calculator may be used.


There is a universal Levittown math department grading policy.

90% - Assessments and Graded assignments. (Tests, quizzes, labs and interactive notebooks).
10% - Homework. Wisdom 100 (8th). Wisdom 90 (7th).


Homework will only come from the Wisdom 90 or 100. or labs/activities not finished in class.
​Homework from the Wisdom 120/Wisdom 70 is either given a 10/10, a 5/10 or 0/10.  If an effort is 
clearly made to retrieve solutions then credit for the homework will be given as a 10/10.
Anything less than a clear satisfactory effort will receive a 0/10 and you will be asked to make 
the necessary corrections and submit again before the 0/10 is changed. 

A homework that is resubmitted can only recieve a max score of a 5/10.
If you fail to resubmit a homework before the current unit ends you will recieve 0/10.

The required homeworks for each unit will be listed all year on this site 
under The Wisdom 90 or Wisdom 100.

Important Homework Statements and Thoughts
  • You will be always be given a reasonable amount of time to complete a homework.  
  • It is highly suggested that you complete the homework after school on the day of the lesson.  
  • After a unit has ended no more homework will be taken for that unit.   
  • The homeworks for the class are always on this site and can be printed as you need them.  
  • One copy will always be provided for you.  
  • The homework will not be accepted any other way. It will be printed and completed on the worksheet.
Your homework and extra help are the two most important pieces of learning to do math independently. 
Finding out how much you know and what you need to know happens during these two times. Students usually
wait until after they get a grade they do not like to go to extra help or ask questions. Be ahead of the game
and prepare yourself before you take assesments. Handing in homework is a small fraction of your grade. But it is 
what you are learning while doing it is the greater reward.


As students you are expected to act and behave appropriately. One majordistraction today is cell phone use. 
Phones are not to be used in school or class unlessotherwise advised by the teacher for activities.  
Please do not hold private conversations and distract others during a lesson or during practice.