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Ms. Cavanaugh

Ms. Cavanaugh

East Broadway Elementary School: (516) 434-7425

Ms. Cavanaugh : Weekly Update Letter

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Weekly Update Letter
​June is upon us....I can not believe how quickly this school year went.   Your children have been a pleasure to teach and I will miss every one of them!  

Please prevent summer regression and have your child read as much as possible over the summer.  You can even read to your child.  Research shows that children who spend zero time reading over the summer will drop 40%  by September! READ, READ, and READ some more!

Another thing you can do is have your child keep a summer journal to document all their summer happenings.  Have your child write letters or cards to relatives...perhaps you can encourage a pen pal.  

Lastly, your child needs to keep his/her math skills sharp.  There are so many free apps available to help your child memorize their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.  Please utlize them or find time on car rides to practice them orally or with old fashioned flashcards.

Enjoy the summer months and use the time outside of a rigid schedule to provide your child with many meaningful memories.  You are your child's best teacher!