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Ms. Cavanaugh

Ms. Cavanaugh

East Broadway Elementary School: (516) 434-7425

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  1. What should I do if my child doesn't understand a homework assignment?
  2. How long should my child be spending on his/her homework nightly?
  3. How can I improve my child's reading skills?
  4. What should I do if my child is absent?
  5. What should I do if my child forgets his/her assignment?


Please feel free to help your child with any assignments or get 
help from another student or an older sibling. If you would like
me to review the material in school, please send me a note.
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The time it takes to complete homework assignments vary from 
child to child and from night to night. Working without
distractions, homework should not take your child more than 30
minutes. If your child is struggling with homework assignments
please let me know.
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*Practice makes perfect!  Encourage your child to read every night for 15 minutes.  
*Be a reading role model! It is imperative that your child see you reading everyday-newspapers, magazines, and for pure
*Read to your child. This is a great way to discuss the elements in a story and to build comprehension.
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First of all make sure to call the school nurse!  If you would like me
to send home any missed work with another child, please call the
office in the morning and leave me a message. All missed assignments
should be made up as soon as possible. Your child will be responsible
for any upcoming tests or projects. If he/she should require extra
time, please contact me and let me know. As per NYS law, please send
in a note explaining your child's absence on the day he/she returns.
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Daily homework will be posted on this website.  The 
children will be copying their homework daily. Please call
another student or check the website if your child forgets his/her
assignment. If your child forgets a book or worksheet, please write
me a note and have your child do the missing assignment the next night.
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