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Mr. Galino

Mr. Galino

East Broadway Elementary School: (516) 434-7425

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Founded in 2001 by a generous gift from Matt and Debra Cody, the Cody Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities provides multidisciplinary clinical services for children and adults with autism and autism spectrum disorders, and educational resources for patients, their families, and professionals.
Online games for kids in K-5 sorted by grade level. Games incorporate areas such as math and language arts while introducing basic computer skills.
Different Roads to Learning is an online catalog of educational materials for children diagnosed with autism. Parents, teachers and professionals who are using Applied Behavior Analysis or Verbal Behavior interventions will find all of the learning materials they need here.
An excellent resource that contains a wide variety of resources such as PECS.
Great resource for Webinars.
Bringing ABA is dedicated to supporting professionals and caregivers with embedding the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) into the everyday lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other disabilities.
What exactly is ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis)?
The Nassau Suffolk Chapter of the Autism Society of America.

A volunteer organization which funds various programs for individuals with Autism.
Fun learning materials for kids.
This site will explain all what social stories are and how they are utilized.
I provide behavioral consulting services for both soccer sessions, this is a great program and I highly encourage you to attend a session to see if this is something your child would be interested in participating in. 
This is a great program, refer to website for various programs that you may be interested in participating in.
Hope fitness is the FIRST fitness center of "its: kind serving individuals with ALL types of disabilities!  They offer personal fitness, socialization, dancing, games, creating art and Karaoke.
All 4 One Yoga is a recreational yoga program for children with special needs, which meets weekly at the Rockville Center Recreation Center.  Their classes are conducted by special needs professionals (Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Pathologists and Special Educators) and all of their classes have no more than 6 children to a class.  They use Sonia Sumar's Yoga for Special Child Yoga principals.  They typically work with children ages 3-12, but can accommodate older children based upon need. 
Through the use of "Music Box Method," music notes are transformed into an easy system of familiar letters, colors, and simple symbols to teach children with special needs how to play the piano.
Power Pals is a fitness class for children with a unique array of talents and abilities.  These abilities are fostered in their safe and comfortable classes led by certified, knowledgeable staff and professionals.
Offer karate classes for children with special needs.
What are social skills?  They are the skills we all need to help us figure out how to behave when around other people.  Mastering these abilities allows us to make and retain friends, as well as become productive members of the community.  Many children learn these skills just by observing the world around them.  Other children need more help.  These lessons are not taught in classrooms.  However, at VCLC, they have been helping children learn these skills in Social Skills Training Groups since 1996.  This program serves children from ages of four through seventeen.  Utilizing an extensive bank of lessons plans, group leaders, through role-playing, puppetry and games, cover subjects such as interpreting body language, going on a play date, dealing with teasing and engaging in conversation.  Parents meet their child's leader each week to discuss the goal of that week's lesson and what can be done at home to generalize and reinforce that particular skill.  For more information contact Willis Mawyer at email provided.
Sensory Playtime is specifically designed for children with special needs only. 
Mid Island Y JCC KISS Center (vacations, school holidays, summer camp).  Refer to link for detailed information.
My Shine Program is An Equine Program serving individuals with special needs.
Social Security Disability Benefits Guide