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Ms. Cascio

Ms. Cascio

Gardiners Elementary School: (516) 434-7450

Ms. Cascio : Homework

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Homework should be written in your child's agenda each morning.  Typical homework consists of a Language Arts activity and a math review lesson.  Students are required to read one hour per week and will complete a reading log approximately each month (usually due the middle of the month). 


Spelling, vocabulary and comprehension tests are given out at the end of each Journey unit, which usually end on Fridays (each unit usually starts on a Monday and ends on Friday...given it is a full week).


Students will be given approximately 3-5 days to study for content area tests and will usually receive a review sheet.  All dates will be posted in agendas so it is important that you review and sign your child's agenda each evening. 


Part of homework includes emptying out and reviewing your child's home folder each evening.  This will help your child stay organized and help you stay informed of your child's progress and school events.


Some parents ask, Should I help my student with homework?  The answer is absolutely!  Of course your child should understand the basic concepts because everything that is assigned for homework is a review of classwork.  However, if your child needs support, please help and check.   Some homework will be easy and some will be challenging.  However, I do not want your child to become frustrated.  If this is the case, please let me know.


In addition, your child needs to have a chapter book from home in their desks at all times.  We occasionally have silent reading time and this is an opportunity for your child to just enjoy reading and get lost in a good book!


Thank you for your support!