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Ms. Basile

Ms. Basile

Northside Elementary School: (516) 434-7500

Ms. Basile : Frequently asked Questions

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Frequently asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions 
of students and parents.
  1. If my child can't do the homework should I let him get it wrong or help him?
  2. My child hates to read should I make him read all the pages?
  3. My daughter can't remember the math facts how can I help?
  4. Can I send in sweets to celebrate my child's birthday?
  5. Will there be tests?


Yes please help him but drop me a note to let me know they were 
not sure how
to do it.
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It is alright to have your child read one page and you read the 
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Try to make it a game. Don't put all the flashcards at one time. 
Let her find
success with the easy +0,+1s and then add one of the doubles.The Envision math web site has practice games to hlp learn the math facts.
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Yes we love to have special treats to celebrate birthdays. There 
may be allergies in class so try to avoid peanuts.There are cake mixes if you are making cupcakes that do not have any peanut oils in them. Please do not
send in candy in goodie bags as we are not allowed to send them
home. Please send me a note when you wold like to send things in.
Please send in napkins and paper plates as well.
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Yes, we have math tests at the end of every chapter. Spelling 
usually starts in October. We have reading tests at
the end of each book as well as vocabulary recognition tests.
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