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Ms. Attanasio

Salk Middle School: (516) 434-7350

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       1.  Notebook

- marble, spiral or binder

2.  Folder with pockets

- to be kept with notebook you bring to class

 3.  Loose-leaf
          - to be kept in the folder you bring to class 
    - enough to last the entire semester (2 quarters)
4.  Pen or pencil




  •  Edmodo - Edmodo is learning network adopted by the district in order to assist students, parents and faculty.  Students will activate their accounts during the first week of Health class and learn how to navigate and use this network.  Edmodo will be used regularly for this particular class.   Attached is a Parent Invitation with class code and directions for connecting to your child’s account.  Access is available through the Levittown web site.  For more information
  • Remote Access - Remotely access a school account from a home computer so that assignments can be worked on at home.  A tutorial is available at  However, if you choose not to use remote access it is highly recommended that you invest in a Flash Drive. 


  • Office 365/One Drive - There is also the option of using Office 365 and OneDrive. Work saved on this can be accessed from any computer. Office 365 is a web based program that allows use of Office programs directly from the internet. The following link can be found on the district page: