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Ms. Attanasio

Salk Middle School: (516) 434-7350

Ms. Attanasio


Physical Health Unit Assignmnet

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Physical Health Unit Assignmnet
Physical Health Unit Assignment

This Unit Assignment will be a self-paced, student centered assignment.  Different activities are required throughout, and it is up to EACH student to complete each task.  Be aware that certain tasks are to be handed in to Ms. Attanasio for a grade.  Individual task grades will be combined to equal one test/project grade.  Tasks will be completed during class, whereas Ms. Attanasio will be assisting for clarification and feedback.  However, feel free to work on any task outside of your designated class time.  All tasks need to completed and submitted by January 22nd.  All worksheets are included, but are also available on Edmodo.


1.  Read in blue text, Chapter 5, Lesson 1 page 124-129.  Fill in Nutrition Worksheet pg. 1.

2.  Complete and hand in Fact and Idea Review #22 – HAND IN FOR GRADE

3.  Using, fill in and color Nutrition Worksheet pg. 2  - My Plate Diagram

4.  Determine PERSONAL My Plate Daily Checklist

a.   See Step by Step Instructions to Use MyPlate - HAND IN FOR GRADE

5.  Create a FULL day meal plan (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks), that meets the amount for each food group.   Use the site to help you make your meal plan.  Click on each food group for more detailed information. This can be done on Word as a table or bulleted list.  HAND IN FOR GRADE

6.  View Physical Fitness Sway and complete Physical Fitness Worksheet.


7.  Read “The Struggle Is Real”, from Choices Magazine (April, 2018)

a.   Once you click the link within the post you will be instructed to Log in. 

b.   Click I am a Student

c.   You will be redirected to a Welcome page.  Type in your classroom password: fannote9

8.  Complete and The Struggle is Real Quiz Worksheet. HAND IN FOR GRADE

9.  Take Physical Health Quiz. HAND IN FOR GRADE​