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Dr. Kolodnicki

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Dr. Kolodnicki


Social Studies 7

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Social Studies 7

​​​​​​​​See below for helpful links for each unit in Social Studies. 

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Social Studies:

​Quizizz- are available for EACH unit. Please speak with your teacher or Dr. K directly to activate one!  

Unit ONE: Native Americans:​


American Indians

Iroquois Confederacy 

Other Resources:

See Mrs. Tsunis's study guide --> 

Native American Homes-reading &  Quiz

Native Americans by Region - readings and quiz!

Unit TWO: Explorers:
Brain Pop:
Videos Seen in Class: 
 Horrible History - Columbus < -- video we saw in class!
Ballad of Magellan​ < -- video we saw in class! 
 Other Resources:
See Mrs. Tsunis's study guide -->  
Online Quizzes:
Age of Exploration Quiz #2 (enter in your initials and a fake number)​
 Primary Source document FHM_Columbus_Journal_Assignment.pdfFHM_Columbus_Journal_Assignment.pdf 
 Unit THREE: American Colonies
Brain Pop: Thirteen Colonies 
Other Resources:
See Mrs. Tsunis's study guide --> 
Online Textbook: Unit 1, Chp 3 & 4 (see right for link)
History Channel Videos:
Unit FOUR: Life in the 13 Colonies
Life in the New England Colonies- Interactive picture
**VIDEO- Three types of English Colonies
**Peter Zenger Trial (Video) (Reading)
Enlightenment (Video)
Legend of Sleepy Hollow (video we saw in class!)
Unit FIVE: The French and Indian War

Longer Video - Beginning, Middle and Results of the War
 BrainPop we watched in class French and Indian War
**Study Guide and Review Sheet 11.17.pdfStudy Guide and Review Sheet 11.17.pdf (highlighted and annotated)
Unit SIX: The Road to the Revolution

School House Rocks- The Shot Heard Round the World

 British "Acts" Flash Cards

Practice Quiz

Quiz #2

Brain Pop-Causes of the American Revolution

Mrs. Kolodnicki's Review! Unit 6 Test Review.notebookUnit 6 Test Review.notebook

Unit SEVEN: The American Revolution


Causes of the American Revolution

Declaration of Independence

The American Revolution

Practice Quizzes:

Quiz 1

Road to the Revolution Quiz

Quiz 2

*Mrs. Mason's Review Games

Rags to Riches

Flash Cards

Class songs!

Lafayette- from Hamilton!

Shot Heard 'Round the World

No More Kings- Schoolhouse Rock

Swamp Fox Song!

Unit EIGHT: Constitutional Convention


Brainpop- Constitutional Convention

Brainpop- Articles of Confederation

Brainpop- US Constitution​

Great Compromise- HipHughes

3/5 Compromise- Hip Hughes​

Review Power point: Unit 8 Articles of Confederation.pptxUnit 8 Articles of Confederation.pptx

Unit NINE: The Constitution

School House Rock Video- Constitution

Lyrics to School House Rock- Constitution

I'm Just a Bill Video

Bill of Rights Rap


Supreme Decision Game

Three Branches of Government Game

Checks & Balances Game

 **STUDY GUIDEConstitution Study Guide.pdfConstitution Study Guide.pdf

3 Branches of Govt- Shared by Payton Palmer​

Unit TEN: Launching a New Nation

Video: The first inauguration

Washington's Inaugural Speech

Study Guide with page numbers for notes! Unit 10 Study Guide annotated.pdfUnit 10 Study Guide annotated.pdf

Review Sheet Answer Key Unit 10 Review Sheet.pdfUnit 10 Review Sheet.pdf

 From Mrs. Mason:

George Washington Era- Quia

John Adams Era- Quia

Overall Review Quia


Brain Pops/Videos

Brain Pop: Origins of Political Parties

Brain Pop: Lewis and Clark

Brain Pop: Thomas Jefferson

Long Movie: The War of 1812

Star Spangled Banner


James Madison & War of 1812 Quiz

President Jefferson Quiz​


Notes/Handouts/Review Sheets:

Unit 11 Notes (highlighted) so far...Unit 11 Copy of Notes 1.pdfUnit 11 Copy of Notes 1.pdf

Unit 11 End of Notes (highlightedUnit 11 Copy of Notes 2.pdfUnit 11 Copy of Notes 2.pdf

Blank map of Rivers (Label A through E) Unit 11 blank map.docxUnit 11 blank map.docx

Review Sheet & STudy Guide! (Start reviewing now!!)



Era of Good Feelings:

Erie Canal Song

Railroad History

Industrial Revolution

Overview Video

Nat Turner Video

Eli Whitney- Cotton Gin

Unit 12 Study Guide and Review Sheet.pdfUnit 12 Study Guide and Review Sheet.pdf

Answer Key Posted on Wed!

Answer Key Review Sheets Unit 12.pdfAnswer Key Review Sheets Unit 12.pdf 

Mrs. Mason's Online Quiz


Andrew Jackson's Presidency

START studying NOW!

Unit 13 Blank REview Sheet.pdfUnit 13 Blank REview Sheet.pdf  (Answer key posted on Monday after school!)

Unit 13 Review Sheet Answers.pdfUnit 13 Review Sheet Answers.pdf

Unit 13 Study Guide.pdfUnit 13 Study Guide.pdf

*See my highlighted notes to focus your studying!

Unit 13 Copy of Notes 1.pdfUnit 13 Copy of Notes 1.pdf

Andrew Jackson vs. National Bank

Brainpop Andrew Jackson

The Seminole Wars


Reform Movement Project


Manifest Destiny:


Davy Crockett at the Alamo

James K Polk Song

Brainpop- Texas Revolution

The Gold Rush

  Mrs. Mason's Quizzes:

Rags to Riches 1

Matching Game -Who's going west?

Unit SIXTEEN: Road to War

Review Sheet and Study Guide:5.9.2.pdf5.9.2.pdf

Video Links
How the Civil War Got Its Start

Jefferson Davis- Biography

Battle at Fort Sumter

Brainpop- Civil War Causes

Brainpop- Underground Railroad

Brainpop- Frederick Douglass

Brainpop- Abraham Lincoln

Unit SEVENTEEN: The Civil War


Song: Battle Cry of Freedom

Song- Bonnie Blue Flag​

Civil War Letter

Battle of Gettysburg

Gettysburg Address- Kindergarten Cop

Lee's Surrender at Appomattox Courthouse

Two Brothers song​



Civil War

Causes of the Civil War​​

​The Three Branches of Government - Shared by Peyton Palmer