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Science 8
*Resources by Textbook*

Check the colors below:


Chapter 1
 Communities & Populations
         Sections 1 & 3
Notes Sheets
Study Guide:



Chapter 2: Ecosystems & Biomes
Section 1: Energy Flow in Ecosystems
Section 5: Succession
Chapter 2: Sections 1 & 5 Notes
Study Guides:
Take the quizzes to study!
Quiz #2 Succession
Quiz #3 Energy Flow
Study Guide:  Green 2 Review.docGreen 2 Review.doc
Video & Quiz- Ecosystems
                    Food Chains
                    Food Web
Video Clips:
Brainpop: Ecology
               Population Growth
               Food Chains
Chapter 3:


**Total Green Book Review:

Green Book total reivew.pptxGreen Book total reivew.pptx

Green Review.docGreen Review.doc




 Chapter 5

 Section 1 Outline:Pink 5.1.docPink 5.1.doc

Study Guide: Study Guide 5.1.docxStudy Guide 5.1.docx

                     Notes on the 6 Kingdoms

Flash Cards: Quizlet Vocabulary Flashcards

                    Quia Quiz


Games: Animal Matching

             Classify This- Bugs


             Classifying Life

              The Six Kingdoms Jeopardy


Brain POP: Six Kingdoms






 Section 3 Outline: Pink 5.3.docPink 5.3.doc

Link we saw in class BBC Flowering Plants

Practice Quiz: Reproductive Parts of a Flower

Interactive Flower Quiz Diagram

Matching Game






Chapter 2 Sections 1-4
Videos & Quizzes
Be able to identify the types of joints and where in the
body they are found! Joint Images
Fill in study guide!Blue 2 STudy Guide.docBlue 2 STudy Guide.doc
 Get ahead- Partner study guide! Blue 2 Review.docBlue 2 Review.doc
Review Power Point
Review Power Point 
Chapter 3: Section 1
Quiz Thursday 1/24 on Nutrients
Chapter 4: Circulatory System Sections 1, 2, 3 & 4 
**Notes sheets:
**Textbook activity:
 Complete page 126-127  #’s 1-9, 11-14, and 24-27
 **Online activities:
Blood Typing Game- the one we did in class!
These may also be helpful:
-Must know heart diagram!! Diagram
Chapter 5: Respiratory System
Blue 5.3.docBlue 5.3.doc- Notes on the Excretory System
Blue 5.3 Review.docBlue 5.3 Review.doc - Study Guide!!
Chapter 6: Excretory System
Quick Quiz- hit START


 Section 3: The Immune System
Blue 6 Review 2.doc- Study Guide (the Last 2 questions on
page 1 and all of page 2 will be on your quiz!)
Vaccines BrainPop Video- rewatch the video we saw in class, then take the Quiz!
Allergies BrainPop Video- watch and take the quiz!
Cancer BrainPop Video- watch and take the quiz!
  Section 3: Immune System
Blue 6 Review 2.docBlue 6 Review 2.doc- Study Guide (only page 1 will be on your quiz!)
Chapter 7: The Nervous System- Sections 1-3
Notes Sheets
Peer Tutoring Study Guide
Blue 7 Review.docBlue 7 Review.doc All Chapter 7 will be on your test!
On the picture, you need to be able to- label each part.
Describe the function of the parts, and give examples of what it controls.
Video Clips
BrainPop- username: levit password: schools
Watch the video and complete the quiz!
 Review Power Point
Chapter 8: The Endocrine System
Notes Sheets
Study Guide, Sections 1-3:
Video Clips:
Brainpop: Endocrine system
Brainpop: Hormones
*don't forget to take the quizzes at the end of the videos!
BBC Science & Nature- Puberty
Article: Endocrine System (You can listen to this readable article!)
*Brainpop quizzes also!!
*Review your Take Home Quiz & Study Guide also!!



 Chapter 1: Section 1:

Study Guide for Cell Quiz 10/16
Study Guide for Test #1- Study Guide.docxStudy Guide.docx
Diffusion & Osmosis interactive activity
Parts of a cell
 Parts of a Microscope!
Interactive diagram on Microscopes!


Older Study Guides

Test 11/22

Study Guide.docxStudy Guide.docx


Mendel quiz: Quiz


Vocabulary quiz: Quiz on Vocab

 Review sheet 1.docxReview sheet 1.docx 

(with Answers)

*The test is ALSO on the cell cycle, please review your

 notes on this as well and then take the cell cycle quiz!

Review Quiz on Cell Cycle


Practice Quiz: Respiration & Photosynetheis (Test 11/7)

Self-Check Quiz 


Respiration & Photosynthesis Quiz: TEST 11/7


Photosynthesis Respiration Review.notebookPhotosynthesis Respiration Review.notebook


Review Power Point

Review Photo.Resp.CellCycle.pptxReview Photo.Resp.CellCycle.pptx