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Dr. Kolodnicki

Division Ave. High School School: (516) 434-7150

Dr. Kolodnicki



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​​ Welcome! I'm glad you're here to watch some math videos and do some reviewing with me! All videos are made by me, unless otherwise noted as outside links

(Links are mostly YouTube, which means you can see them at home, but won't have access at school, unless a teacher signs on for you)

On the LEFT there are videos for skills! Look them up in alphabetical order.

On the RIGHT, there are videos for each unit we will be we learn them. Print out the study guides and complete the practice problems, then watch the videos to check. OR, just do the videos along with me!


(see below for live links- other titles coming soon!)


1) Adding -Adding Decimals

2)  Subtracting -Subtracting Decimals

3) Multiplying -Multiplying Decimals

4) Dividing - Dividing Decimals


1) Adding fractions

2) Subtracting fractions

3) Multiplying /dividing Fractions

5) Mixed review- All operations

6) Mixed review- with negatives and positives

2) Two-Step Inequalities
​ Integer Rules

1) All integer rules


1) Multi-Digit Numbers Video 1- Leaving Place Holder

2) Multi-Digit Numbers Video 2 How to Carry

3) Multi-Digit Numbers Video 3- Practice Problem

4) *Outside link- A creative way to multiply...

​Ratios & Proportions

Review Ratios & Proportions​

​Simplifying Expressions

Adding/Subtracting Expressions

Distributing & Factoring​


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