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Dr. Kolodnicki

Division Ave. High School School: (516) 434-7150

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1. Math
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Quizizz​   Deck.Toys  ​   IXL   Delta Math​ EMathInstruction​  Flipgrid​ ☻​Brainpop ​  Virtual Nerd​ (Algebra1)  Virtual Nerd​ (Geometry)

Extra help for Math is available Monday afternoons in Room 207B. 
Please let me know if you plan on attending! :) 

Period1/2: 5swee3​
Period 8/9:uygtyv

Algebra 1A
Unit 6: Functions
*Delta Math Assignment- 
Standard #3 - due Wednesday March 18th 

Log in information:
Username: Your school
Password: Math####### <-- your ID number, what you use to log into your school account! 

Midterm Review:
Practice Midterm: PracticeMidterm.pdfPracticeMidterm.pdf
Used in class, please do not continue at home

Blue Midterm Review Packet:Blue.Midterm.Review.Packet.pdfBlue.Midterm.Review.Packet.pdf
Mixed review. Videos on Deck.Toys to review

Deck.Toys (see link above)
for Videos, Vocabulary Review, and Quizizz
Unit 4: Word Problems


O.3- Consecutive Integer Problems

Z.5- Perimeter

F.3- Area and Perimeter

E.1- Conversions (Dimensional Analysis)



J.3- Solve One step equations

J.4- Solve Two-step equations

J.5- Combining like terms

J.6- split variable


Unit 3: Equations
**see Deck.Toys link above
See below for suggested IXL 

Homework: Due Monday 12/16 - 
Review 2, page 1


I.5- Translating

J.10- Word Problems


J.3- Solve One step equations

J.4- Solve Two-step equations


I.7- Literal equations

J.5- Combining like terms

J.6- split variable


eMATHinstruction: Unit 2 Lesson 3


Unit 2: Expressions
​**See Deck.Toys link above for videos reviewing this unit's lessons!
Quizizz:(use the link above)



Polynomials Z- all numbers!



Unit 7: Lessons 1 and 2

Unit 2 HWs: Unit2HW.pdfUnit2HW.pdf


Unit 1B: HWs

Parent Information about Grading Policy changes:





Period 5/6 

Quad Review Sheet- Quad Test Review.pdfQuad Test Review.pdf

Quadrilaterala Properties:

Proof Test- Review Video​

Midterm Review:
Part 1: Video​
Part 2: Video​
Extra Copy of Packet

Midterm Review #1 MidtermReview1.pdfMidtermReview1.pdf
Midterm Review #2 MidtermReview2.pdfMidtermReview2.pdf

Take Home Test- Additional Practice
**Question #3 should be = 2.2
I used r^2 instead of r^3 in the Volume formula!

Unit 6: Transformations
Unit 5: Constructions
You need to be able to make:
-equilateral triangles
-60 degree angles
-angle bisector
-perpendicular bisectors (of a line, and through a given point)

Copy of Older Notes:

Unit 4: For review- IXL C.3- complementary, Supplementary, vertical angles! 

Copy of Unit 3 Notes: Unit3.Notes.pdfUnit3.Notes.pdf

Unit 3: Review sheet with answers and work shown

Copy of Unit 2 Notes:

Copy of Unit 1 Notes: Unit1.Copy.pdfUnit1.Copy.pdf