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Mr. Lobosco

Mr. Lobosco

Abbey Lane Elementary School: (516) 434-7400


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​​​​Below are the Test-Taking Tips I share with my students all year long. 

1.  Listen carefully to the teacher's verbal directions.

2.  Write your name and date on the test.

3.  Read all the directions carefully, several times.

4.  For multiple choice questions, read all the answer choices. Think about each one before choosing the best one. Circle the letter and the answers.

5.  If you have a question about the test, raise your hand and wait patiently to be called on.

6.  Write in your neatest handwriting.

7.  If you are having trouble with a question, skip it and come back to it later.

8.  Check over your paper carefully to be sure you didn't miss any questions.

9.  Don't misspell any words that are ON the test paper.

10.  Don't get out of your seat or ask to leave the room during test time. This distracts students who are still working on their test.

11.  When you finish the test, you are to spend your time checking over your work to be sure you've done your best.

12.  You will have as much time as you need to finish the test. You may have to finish at another time. (NOT FOR STATE TESTS!)

13.  Concentrate and try your best. Good luck!