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Ms. Heller

Salk Middle School: (516) 434-7350

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Visit the Egyptian timeline using the link below.

Take bulleted notes for each of the 14 slides on the timeline.  Include important dates AND PEOPLE!

Be sure to click on each of the more buttons.

 Use your notes to take the quiz at the end.

The Children's University of Manchester​





​​Classwork 12/17/2019

Investigate the link above.

Take bulleted notes on hieroglyphics​ and the Rosetta Stone(click on the title, Rosetta Stone, for more information).

Write and answer the following question:

Why is the artifact, the Rosetta Stone, so important to historians?


​​​​​​​The Children's University of Manchester 

1.Visit the Egyptian gods.

​Take notes on Osiris, Ra and Anubis.  Choose two gods that interest you and tell why you chose them. 

2.Visit Making a Mummy.

3.Go to any other tab you like.





 2105 assignment



Unit2_Lesson5_Eqyptian-Achievements.pdfUnit2_Lesson5_Eqyptian-Achievements.pdf​  Writing Hieroglyphics 

  The Children's University of Manchester

Religion short response.pdfReligion short response.pdfGraphic-Organizer_Religion.pdfGraphic-Organizer_Religion.pdf 




Egyptian Achievements​-Collect details for the graphic organizer- THEN

Trading Cards​​​