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Ms. Heller

Salk Middle School: (516) 434-7350

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Homework 1/2/18-due tomorrow.

Visit the Egyptian timeline using the link below.

Take bulleted notes for each of the 14 slides on the timeline.  Include important dates. Use your notes to take the quiz at the end.

The Children's University of Manchester





2015 assignment 
Day 1
British Museum -Ancient Egypt- 2 class sessions- use your time wisely.
We will be visiting the Geography of the Nile River.

1- Click on the picture of​ the Nile to begin your tour. Collect bulleted notes.
 Write down the information provided that is important to answering the following essential questions:

● Why was Egypt called the “Gift of the Nile” ?
● How were the Nile’s gifts used by the Egyptians?
● How did the Nile’s gifts help Egypt to grow as a civilization?

2.-Click on EXPLORE
Visit each map.  Write notes explaining information learned from each.
Some of the icons on the maps are interactive.


Day 2- Classwork

1. Continue any unfinished note taking from yesterday on the Geography link.

2.  Explore -Be sure all the maps are visited and information is recorded about each.  Click on all icons/resources for extra info.


​3.   Story-  Here you will investigate the landscape of the Nile.  
                Follow This upstream path first: 
             Take notes on each step of this path.  
             If time allows create your own path.  
             Locate the following:Faiyum
                                                Fertile Land
               HINT: Go Downstream