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Ms. Heller

Salk Middle School: (516) 434-7350

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​​​​​Suggested resources for Mesopotamia:

textbook pgs 16-30


True Flix : Go to the Salk Library Website and open Tru Flix.

Use the Ancient Civilizations tab to find the magazine on Mesopotamia.

Answer the following question:

Why is Mesopotamia know as the cradle of civilization?

You may collect your information using a bulleted list.

Complete the Activities.


Hammurabi's Code

Mesopotamia Rap

The links below

​I. ​Ancient Mesopotamia

Use your Mesopotamia article and the link below to help in answering the 3 questions given in class.

 Due Thursday, November 3.

 II. Explore Assyria, Babylon, and Sumer by accessing  “Mesopotamia” at The British Museum link. 

Explore each chosen society and answer the following three questions on the chart provided in class.

The British Museum Chart.docxThe British Museum Chart.docx


  1. What are the unique contributions of __________________?
  2. How do we know about them?
  3. How would I explain what I learned to others?