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Ms. Heller

Salk Middle School: (516) 434-7350

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The video from class:

From Hunter Gatherers to Farmers



Catalhoyuk Journal- handout explained in class.

U1_L4_Directions_Journal_Reflection.pdfDirections Journal Reflection.pdf

Direstions for Catalhoyuk Journal.pdfDirections for Catalhoyuk Journal.pdf


Be complete in your journal.  Don't forget to read the back of the handout for the reflection directions. 

If you decide to type this please use size 12 New Times Roman font.


Visit the following two links to discover the mysteries of Catalhoyuk!

 1-Catalhoyuk Archeological Site

 2-Mysteries of Catalhoyuk


Grading guidelines:

Catalhoyuk Journal Rubric.docxCatalhoyuk Journal Rubric.docx