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Ms. Heller

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Interactive webpage for Catal Hoyuk

Tools and Tasks
Visit the following web pages below to collect information:

On looseleaf
List 10 tools of the archeologist and their purpose. 

Explain the tasks of an archeologist using evidence from the sources.This must be in the form of a paragraph.

Visit this site for a glimpse of cave paintings. 

Virtual tour of Lascaux​

Stop Here​

 Interactive webpage for Catal Hoyuk

The following questions should be answered using all the resources given.  Do not just "google it." 
Write a paragraph response to each of these questions:
Interactive webpage for Catal Hoyuk
1. In what ways did the environment help and hurt the people of Catalhoyuk?
2. What natural resources helped the settlement survive?
3. What evidence did you find in the exhibit that women and children were valued by this society? 
      Hint: Read the Goddess Comic and Baby Buriel Comic. Comics can be found in activities.
4. Why do you think this period in history is referred to as a “revolution”?

This assignment can be worked on at home and in school. The Salk Library is available 7:30 am and after school until 3:30 pm. Listen for library openings during your lunch or work study.  This information is given during daily announcements.
Internet Resources for Research


                                        "Henry Explains Building 104":

5. Dating an Artifact of Fossil. Dating an Artifact of Fossil
This will be completed in class at a later date.