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Mrs. Cote

Mrs. Cote

Abbey Lane Elementary School: (516) 434-7400 | Lee Road Elementary School: (516) 434-7475

Mrs. Cote : Links to the Computer Games

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Links to the Computer Games
Free Learning Websites for YOU
Here’s a list of some fun, educational, and safe websites for YOU 
to visit and explore over summer vacation!!

Switcheroo Zoo
watch, listen and play games to learn all about amazing animals
All topics, All levels – GREAT fun
practice math and reading skills all by playing games
Math Playground
different math topics to interact with on the computer
  This Youtube  site provides educational videos to help students You need to go fullscreen to view it properly

from learning letters to reading books
Fun Math Games
various math topics for all grade levels
Aplus Math
Interactive math resources featuring free math worksheets, math games,math flashcards, and more.