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Mrs. Anderson

Mrs. Anderson

Lee Road Elementary School: (516) 434-7475

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October 2018

Dear Families,
   Happy October! I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler, Fall weather! Please take a moment to read all of the exciting events/activities taking place in our class.
     In Math, we are moving along with learning all about multiplication. We have explored strategies for solving the 0x, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x and 10x  and 11x tables. Strategies include drawing an array, creating a picture, exploring patterns, repeated addition, skip counting, the Commutative Property and the Distributive Property. Please note that when a question asks the child to use a specific strategy, they must use that strategy. However, if the question doesn’t specify a strategy, the children are free to use the strategy that works for them. Also, when a question says, ‘explain’ students need to include a written explanation as to HOW they solved the problem. They are getting more comfortable with this. Please encourage your child to underline key words/phrases in the math workbook and on tests. This will help me to determine if they understand what is being asked of them. At this time, please take 5 minutes each night to study the multiplication facts with your child. Using flashcards or any of the math sites on my website will be a great reinforce of these facts. I encourage everyone to use the envision website to review the day’s lessons as well as the online assessment that I assign every month. As you know, our Topic 3 test will be this Friday, 10/19/18.
     In Reading we have been exploring higher level thinking skills such as inferring and drawing conclusions. Students are learning how to use text evidence to deepen their understanding of text. Our whole class discussions are beginning to go beyond the literal level of comprehension and more towards an inferential level of thinking. I am modeling this process and am happy that many students are starting to apply it to their independent work. Please support this at home by asking your child probing questions about what they are reading. Questions like, ‘what character traits does the main character have?’ or ‘how did the character change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story?’ These are great ways to ascertain if your child is really understanding what they are reading as well as a way for you to model question strategies that will help them expand their thinking. We have also been expanding and exploring our vocabulary with Shades of Meaning. Ask your child to tell you about some of the words we are learning about. For example, when determining character traits we came up with ‘determined’ then ‘persistent’, and finally “persevered’. The lessons that I am completing in my small groups are complementing these ideas and the class is really taking off with this line of thinking! Thank you so much for sending the paint strips! We love using them for our vocabulary work! Our Topic 3 Journeys test is this Wednesday, October 17th.
   In Writing we are still diligently working on our personal narratives. Students are learning to write like an author and we are incorporating vivid, descriptive language into our work. You can ask your child what topic they picked to write about and help them remember the details of that event. It will go a long way in helping me when I try to engage them in elaborating upon their ideas.  I am also enjoying writing with the class and sharing my ideas with them. They love to hear my ‘stories’ and it’s a great way for me to model for them. The writing process is a long one, but we will celebrate our final pieces in a few weeks!
    In Science we are connecting our Journeys story, Pop’s Bridge, with a STEAM lesson. Student have done internet research on what makes a strong bridge design. They watched a video, and we brought the laptops into our classroom to investigate several sites that explain bridge construction. Today, we went to the STEAM Room to create a bridge out of marshmallows and toothpicks. Ask your child what their design was and what they researched to help them craft their bridge the way they did. The ultimate test was if their bridge could bare weight! The class had a fantastic time learning, problem-solving, designing, and engineering their bridges. We are lucky to have such a beautiful STEAM room to become scientists in!
     Social Studies- We are wrapping up learning about the continents and oceans. There is a Continent Jeopardy game on my website under the tab, “Documents”. This is a fantastic study guide for the test. Students are responsible for labeling a blank world map with the 7 oceans, 5 continents, equator, and compass rose that includes the cardinal and intermediate directions. Spelling counts and there will not be a word box. (They can do it, it just takes practice.J) I will send home some blank maps for them to use to study from. The test will be on 10/30/18
     Mindfulness- Students have been learning mindfulness every day. We spend time focusing on our breath and are beginning to learn the difference between a sensation and an emotion. This awareness helps students to self-regulate and demonstrate better control of their emotions. I will be sending home a Mindfulness Newsletter soon. I am so impressed with the insights our children are bringing to each mindfulness session. They are sharing ways that they use mindfulness outside of school and some are even sharing how they are teaching others what they are learning.
    Halloween- We are looking forward to our Halloween party and parade this year. Our party will follow the parade, and just our class moms will be in attendance for the party. We will have very limited time to change into costumes, prior to the parade. If you could please have your child dressed so that they can just slip their costume on over their regular school clothes, that would be most helpful. If we can reduce the amount of students who need to go into the bathroom to change, that would help the process run more smoothly. Also, there won’t be time for applying make-up etc. As a reminder, no masks or weapons are allowed.
     By this point in the school year students should be in a routine of copying homework, making sure they have all of their belongings, and packing up at the end of the day. If your child is not copying their homework in the Agenda book, please let me know. There is plenty of time to complete this task. Please feel free to communicate with me if there are any issues in this area. J
   As I told you at Open House, this class is truly special. We spend our days learning, growing, laughing and enjoying the time we are in school. Thank you again for your support and encouragement. As you can see, there is so much learning going on. I cherish the relationship that I am cultivating with all of you. As our partnership is the mainstay to your child’s success, please feel free to contact me at school with any questions or concerns.
Mrs. Anderson
PS- Thank you to everyone who has sent in tissues and baby wipes. With the cooler weather coming, we can certainly use more. We are very thankful for any donations of tissues and wipes!



​​​​   September 2018

   Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! This year will mark my 23nd year teaching at Lee Road! I am anticipating a wonderful year of academic growth and development for each student in my class. Please take a moment to read the following information, as it will help both your child and you get off to a great start!

This year we will be using the Reading Series, Journeys. It is based upon the NY State Common Core Learning Standards and will encompass all areas of literacy for third grade. Lots of information will be coming home regarding this program and I will be happy to address any specific questions you may have about it. I am also a Certified Reading Teacher and teaching third graders to read and comprhend complex text is my passion.
In Math, we will be using the EnVision 2.0 math program.  We will be kicking off the year learning multiplication and divison concepts. It is imperative that your child have the basic addition and subtraction facts memorized. Please ensure this is the case by practicing a little each night. EnVision 2.0 is comprhensive and digs deep into mathematical concepts, revisits concepts, and has a challenging problem solving component that is extremely important in third grade. 
I encourage every parent to become familiar with the Common Core Learning Standards for third grade in both Literacy and Math. You can go to for information. It's important to note that the Common Core calls for an increase in non-fiction reading. This means, students will be engaged in a lot of nonfiction reading in school, and should also be reading non-fiction at home. The writing in third grade is also going to be based on factual information. Students will need to write responses to questions based upon 'text based facts' or 'evidence from the text'. Of course this will all be taught to my students with clear, precise, deliberate instruction, however, it is important for all parents to be familar with these, more rigorous expectations placed upon our children.

Students will be using a new Science program this year. Dimensions is a great program that integrates science and technology with a strong hands-on component that is engaging and fun! Students will also be engaging in STEAM projects throughout the year.
This year students will be using a S.T.A.R. (Students Taking Academic Responsibilty) binder. This binder will hold all prevelant information for your child. It will include their Agenda book where homework is copied, test review sheets, tests for you and your child to review, newsletters from me, and many other important documents that pertain to our class. Students are expected to bring the STAR binder back and forth from home to school each day.  Please be sure to look through this binder daily.

I will be teaching Mindfulness this year to my students. I am happy to be in the final stages of completing my certification as a mindfulness teacher through Mindful Schools. Students will learn strategies to help them improve focus, attention, and specific ways to help them manage their emotions. I will continue to conduct parent workshops this year and am always eager to speak to you regarding any questions you may have.
The relationship between home and school is of paramount importance to me. As a mother of a 7th and 8th grader, I know how important close communication is between parent and teacher. Please do not hesitate to contact me at school (434-7475) to discuss any concern or question you have. It will always be my pleasure to speak with you regarding your child. I will also be using the REMIND APP this year. If you would like to sign up for these text/email reminders, please click on "Remind App" on the left-hand side of this screen, click on the link, and follow the instructions to sign up! I truly look forward to a wonderful year of growth and development for each of my third graders!!!


Please have your child bring all of their school supplies on the first day of school. It is important that their supplies are labeled as well. Please send your child to school with a healthy snack as well every day.

Mrs. Anderson