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Mrs. Anderson

Mrs. Anderson

Lee Road Elementary School: (516) 434-7475

Mrs. Anderson : EnVision Math

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EnVision Math


The envision 2.0 math program is engaging and rigorous. Students will dig deep on the major math clusters and time will be spent grasping, understanding, and applying mathematical concepts. Students will engage in Math groups, where instruction can be differentiated. I strongly encourage every student to keep up with, and complete, all of the assigned online envsion math tasks. They serve as a great way to reinforce concepts and study for Topic Tests. Students will be tested on all math topics. As we come to the end of a topic, we will generally review for one or two days depending on the needs of the class. So, you will always know when a test is around the corner based upon what lesson number we are up to. I will generally assign an online Topic Review Test that will either be completed in class or at home. This serves as an outstanding way to review and take note of areas your child needs further help with. For your reference, the EnVision Parent Letter is posted above and ALL Topic Parent Letters are posted on the link in the yellow side-bar to the left! I hope you enjoy the third grade math curriculum as much as I do!!!