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Mrs. Anderson

Mrs. Anderson

Lee Road Elementary School: (516) 434-7475

Mrs. Anderson : Curriculum

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Language Arts 
Our reading program will be based upon the Guided Reading approach. Students 
will acquire skills and strategies during Shared Reading lessons and will 
practice and apply them during their Independent Reading time. Students will 
read books on their specific reading level so that each child is challenged 
in the correct manner, while not becoming frustrated when reading. Guided 
Reading groups will meet with the teacher weekly to monitor progres and help 
students to gain deeper meaning into the books they are reading. Students 
will learn many reading strategies this year and should be able to tell you 
what they are and how they use them to better comprehend when reading.
 Students practice reading skills and strategies while immersed 
in literature. Reading instruction is designed to be differentiated so that 
the needs of all learners are met. 
Throughout the year, skills and strategies such as utilizing context 
clues,vocabulary, drawing conclusions, inferring, responding to the 
literature in writing, and demonstrating literal and higher level 
comprehension will be worked on. 
Students will have a Vocabulary Workshop book this year. They will study the words in context and will be tested on each chapter and unit. 

Students will be working on improving their writing skills this year. The 
children will use The Writing Process and engage in self-editing, peer 
editing, and teacher conferencing to help enhance the quality of their 
writing. Writing will take place daily, in various forms and span across all 
content areas. This year an emphasis will be put on supporting ideas with text-based

Spelling is a natural extension of reading and writing.Activities will take place to 
reinforce spelling strategies.Students' spelling will be assessed in their writing assignments. 
Third greaders will be using the EnVision math program. This program consists of a great deal of higher level thinking and 
problem solving. Each lesson will cover a Common Core standard and starts with a video presenting the concepts the children will learn in the day's lesson.
There will be a heavy focus on multiplication, division, fractions and geometry this year
Students will work with multi-step word problems, which will 
require them to rely on a variety of strategies in order to solve them. 
Students will also focus on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. 
The children will be challenged to memorize all of their facts. The class 
will also be working on solving word problems using all operations (addition, 
subtraction, multiplication, and division). Students will practice showing 
all of their work including pictures, number sentences, word sentences, and a 
key when solving word problems. To start the school year, students will 
review basic addition and subtraction facts and quickly progress to 
challenging word problems. It is very important that all addition and 
subtraction facts through 18 are memorized.

 Social Studies
In social studies, students will be learning all about communities. Students 
will be working with a variety of resources to explore many different types 
of communities from all over the world. Students will also be immersed in map 
work. We will also be learning about this year's presidential election through our weekly magazine, Time For Kids.
Students are naturally curious about the scientific world around them. This 
year, we will focus on Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, and 

This year students will be learning cursive handwriting. We will begin with 
letters in isolation that have similar strokes. Students will then begin 
forming words, sentences, paragraphs and, eventually, stories in cursive