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Mrs. Anderson

Mrs. Anderson

Lee Road Elementary School: (516) 434-7475

Mrs. Anderson : Class Notes

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Class Notes

This page will be dedicated to providing examples of work done in class. For example, I can take a 'snapshot' of work we do on the Smart Board and display it here so that parents can see the exact way it was presented in class!!!


September 12, 2012 Example of Response to Literature

Reading Response to “Arthur Writes A Story”
What is the moral (lesson) of the story?
Be sure to re-state the question and use text-based details to support your answer.
The moral of the story is to stay true to yourself and not change  what you did because of what other people say. In the text, Arthur doubts that his story is good because D.W. says it’s boring, Buster says the story is only Okay, and the Brain says it’s not researched. In the end, Arthur goes back to his original story and everyone loves it.