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Ms. Wenz

Ms. Wenz

Abbey Lane Elementary School: (516) 434-7400

Ms. Wenz : Sight Words for Unit 2

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Sight Words for Unit 2
List 4                   List 5                   List 6
call                                                  her                                                   eat
come                                                   she                                                   put
said                                                    now                                                  give
hear                                                   today                                                small
away                                                  our                                                   one
every                                                 would                                               take
how                                                    after                                               got
some                                                  read                                                 jump
make                                                 draw                                                 well
of                                                     pictures                                            ran
why                                                   was                                                   let
animal                                               write                                                going
this                                                   ask                                                   sleep
will                                                   an                                                     brown
yes                                                   over                                                  six
big                                                   its                                                     orange
went                                                 ride                                                   purple
are                                                   just                                                   three
if                                                     red                                                    nine
came                                                 from                                                  pink