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Ms. Poggioli

Salk Middle School: (516) 434-7350

Ms. Poggioli


Improve your math grades

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Improve your math grades
I will say these things in class, but here are a few reminders
of things you can do to improve your grades in Math….
1.     It all begins with coming in with a positive attitude. We do not all have the same capabilities in math, but we can all put in 100% effort and try our best.
2.     Class notes are such an important tool. You should be able to rely on your class notes to review new concepts and use as a guide for practicing and preparing for tests and quizzes. The problems that we do in class are repeated on practice problems, quizzes and tests. We either do these problems together or review the ones you practice at extra help, so there is no excuse to be leaving class with incomplete work or incorrect answers.
*Ask questions if, and when, you have them! Don’t worry about everyone else. More than likely, there are other students sitting there with the same question. Be the brave one and ask!
3.   Practice on a regular basis. There are practice problems available through Go Math. If you are having difficulty with a specific topic, you should review your class notes and practice some of the problems from that lesson. Make a note of problems you do not understand and/or have difficulty with, and see me for extra help. The problems we do in class are replicated in the practice problems. Not every problem will be EXACTLY the same, but they are the same concepts. You need to apply these concepts to various problems.
4.     Attend extra help! This is so important! You must be mature enough to get yourself out of bed when you are having trouble in class. Many students come just to practice and that’s great too! 
5.    Use our online tools! IXL and are great tools for practicing additional problems.
6. When preparing for tests, have your binder with you. Choose a couple of problems on each page of notes and re-do them on a separate sheet of paper. If you are keeping proper notes, you should have all the correct work and answers. Go over all questions on the review sheets and make sure you know how to do them. Practice any that you are unsure of and those that you may have done incorrectly when you first attempted them. Attend extra help- come with any questions you have or just come to practice.
I hope these suggestions help! With 100% effort you can improve your grades J