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Mrs. Regan

Mrs. Regan

Abbey Lane Elementary School: (516) 434-7400

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Updated Guided Reading links 12/12 ​​to fix broken links​

* Youtube playlists will not work at school, but can be viewed at home.

Guided Reading Leveled Book Lists - Parents can click on a reading level to see titles and book series that are at that level.  You can help your child choose books at his/her level or try a book from the next level up (next letter of the alphabet) if he/she is feeling like the current books are too easy.



This app can scan the ISBN code on the book and give you leveled information​



Hundreds/Tens/Ones Practice and Place Value  Building numbers ABCya Choose "Read and Make"
Decode ten sticks and ones to figure out the number.  Click on the bubble with that number and “check”.


Animals  Endangered Animal Links​

Animal Facts for Kids @ Soft Schools​

CreaturePedia at Wild Kratts​

San Diego Zoo Animals A-Z​

Library Patch Link to 10 Animal Research Sites​ This link is to the Insect page at Kids National Geographic.  At the bottom of the web page are links to the other animal classes.


The Extraordinary Egg by Leo Lionni A story about a very special egg.




Videos explaining Subtraction with Regrouping (Topic 5):      Explaining Subtraction with Regrouping video    EdRocker Go Next Door Subtraction Song
Math Sites to Practice Subtraction with Regrouping (Topic 5):
Interactive Base Ten Blocks - MOST usable with homework!  Build your own number (ie.  73 - 7, build 73, remove 7).  Click a "ten" and click separate icon to show the regrouping of a "ten stick" to be 10 "ones".  Drag away "ones" to complete the problem. 
Interactive Base Ten Blocks - You can practice subtraction from decade numbers (with regrouping) on this site.  Double click a "ten" to break it into 10 "ones".
Interactive Base Ten Blocks - Subtraction with regrouping using this online practice.  Questions are supplied with "tens" and "ones" to help visualize the work process. 
So You Want to Be an Astronaut? Skills you Need - (Youtube NASA playlist)


Time Links

Mrs. Regan's Youtube Time Playlist

Time Games

Learn about and Review Hours and Half Hour times

Make the time

Matching words/analog/digital clocks (hour and 1/2 hour) chatty characters 

Elapsed Time (challenge skill) 


Mrs. Regan's Money Youtube playlist 





Synonym Games    harder words   basic or advanced levels,

                                     words are moving, you have to read quicklywords are moving, you have to read quickly   choose SYNONYMS and level of difficulty


Money Links Topic 

Mrs. Regan's Money playlist on Youtube (search coins or money to see 4-5 games to practice money skills)


Penguin Links

Contraction Game



Make your own scratch off - use it for spelling or sight words.  Click on the link for the recipe.  All you need is Dawn dish detergent and a metallic color acrylic craft paint.  Can't wait to try this for my own kids! 

Put in your spelling list by adding 1, 5, or 10 more words.  Then
click the "Teach Me" button.  The web site will "teach" you your
words with a sentence.  You can play games with these words and
test yourself.  This is a fun way to practice these, or any,
tricky words.  (I'll leave this link for the rest of the year)

Spelling City

This wonderful teacher has already prepared and is sharing the weekly list from Journeys.  She does not include the two review words or the challenge words.


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