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Mrs. Schaefer-Romeo

MacArthur High School: (516) 434-7225 | Salk Middle School: (516) 434-7350

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-8 American
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Ms. Schaefer & Mr. Martin
(check out their Study Skills link)
boztops.jpgPeriod 1 Don't Forget Your Box Tops!boztops.jpg
 Final Review Packet Answer Key
Final Exam Date:
Grade 8 Social Studies is on Friday 6/15 at 8am in the Gym (or separate location, if permitted)​

Final Review Packet due Dates:

pages 1-2: Friday 5/25
pages 3-4: Tuesday 5/29
pages 5-6: Wednesday 5/30
pages 7-8: Thursday 5/31
page 9: Friday 6/1













All homework assignments and due dates will be posted here as they are assigned. Please​ check Parent Portal to keep up to date on your progress!

Quiz Friday (3/9) on the Great Depression:
Answer Key to today's crossword puzzle:
GD xword answers 2018.jpg




Schedule for Week of February 12:
​Monday: Finish changing culture of the 1920s
Tuesday: Vocabulary Visual for WWI/Roaring 20s
Wednesday: Review for Test
Thursday: Test of WWI/Roaring 20s
Friday: Start of the Great Depression!
wwi roaring 20s xword.jpg


Due Tues Feb 6:
page 23 in the WWI and Roaring 20s packet,
#2 must use ICE​


Schedule for the Week of January 15:
Mon: Enjoy your MLK Day off from school!
Tues: Vocabulary Visuals for Expansion and Imperialism
Wed: US Imperialism in Asia
Thurs: Review for Friday's test!
FriTest on Expansion and Imperialism
Use your packet, Vocabulary Visual worksheet, and review work to study!

Answer Key to Thursday's Review sheet:

Review Sheet Expansion and Imperialism page 1.jpg

Review Sheet Expansion and Imperialism page 2.jpg






Due Tuesday (12/19) at the end of class:
Body Paragraph based on pages 3-5 in your Expansion and Imperialism packet
**started in class on Wed and Thu, continued Mon and Tues**


DUE TOMORROW (Tues 12/12)
"Creating an Overseas American Empire" interactive notebook (flappy chart)
**​We began in class on Friday, took 10 minutes on Monday to complete**



Holiday Sweater Extra Credit Project​

Given to students in class on 11/28

Lose your copy?? Look here: holiday sweater project.docxholiday sweater project.docx​

Progressive Era Assessment
Thursday Dec 7
Study your "Vocabulary Visuals" (make flashcards, write the words and definitions out over and over and over) worksheet from Tuesday(12/5)
Your Review Crossword Puzzle from Wednesday (12/6)
Answers here:








Test Friday November 17:
on Industrialization and Immigration
--use Thursday's review sheet to study!
assessment 2017 answer key crossword.jpg

Due Monday Nov 13:
Writing Task evaluating lives of factory owners and factory workers
--skip lines as you write!
--use the graphic​ organizer from Thursday and Friday in class to help you complete it

Due Thursday Nov 9: Completed "My Nationality" gingerbread cut-out

Due Mon Nov 6: Mom's maiden name and your family's cultural/national origins for our Immigration Unit

Due Monday October 16: classwork from Friday (read page 5, answer page 7 in your Industrialization/Immigration packet) 

Wednesday Oct 11: Reconstruction Test
**use your packet and review sheet from Tuesday's class to study**

Recon review sheet 2.jpg
Recon review sheet page 1.jpg
Fri Oct 6: DBQ-Reconstruction due
Skip Lines on final copy
We worked 8 days in class to complete documents, create outline charts, and begin writing the actual essay.
Wed Oct 4: 50 states map quiz
Map Quiz Dates:
15 states (any 15)
on Wednesday Sept 20
30 states (any 30)
on Wednesday Sept 27
Last One This Quarter! ​
All 50 states
on Wednesday Oct 4

Please complete your Civil War Amendments poster (started in class on Wed) by Friday Sept 15
For Sept 11, talk to the adults in your life about 9/11/2001
First day sheet signed, due back on Friday Sept 8!






class supplies.png 
 Social Studies 3-ring binder (you are going to get a LOT of paper this year, so it highly recommended -- not mandated-- that you have a dedicated Social Studies binder), loose-leaf for said binder, pens, pencils, highlighters, dividers with tabs (labeled: Do Now, Notes/Packets, Assessments, and Writing), and a pencil pouch is highly recommended, but not mandated for class (particularly​ period 1, to make sure you have something to write with at the beginning of the day)