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Ms. Whitcomb

Ms. Whitcomb

Wisdom Lane Middle School: (516) 434-7300 | Gardiners Elementary School: (516) 434-7450

Ms. Whitcomb : Speech and Language Websites

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Speech and Language Websites
Informational Web sites:

ASHA – Typical Speech and Language Development:

ASHA – Child Speech and Language:

Information about voice and voice disorders:

Information about speech & language development by age:

Communication Development - Kindergarten to 5th Grade:

Super Duper Handy Handouts (variety of speech-language topics):

The Stuttering Foundation of America:

Typical articulation development:


Online Fun for Articulation:

Custom Bingo Cards: (choose words/pictures with your child's target sound)

Do 2 Learn (songs for speech sounds):

Kenn Nesbitt's Poetry4Kids: (read the silly poems using best speech sounds)

Lonn Swanson’s online artic games:

Mrs. Ramsay's online games (all pictures for non-readers):

Quia - mixed articulation and language games:

Tongue Twisters:  (practice the ones that contain your child's speech sound)

Tracey Boyd’s online artic games:

Very Silly Tongue Twisters:

Wacky Web Tales: (have your child use words with their target sound to complete the stories)

Word Dice game: (scroll past the first few games to get to "Word Dice"; use words with your child's sound and have them say the words that are rolled)


Online Fun for Language:

ABC Teach:


DLTK Kids: 

Do 2 Learn:  (click “Academics" at the top of the page; scroll down and click "Language Development")

Enchanted Leaning crafts for Kids:  (great for following directions, sequencing, and vocabulary)

Funbrain: (Find "Grammar Gorillas [parts of speech], "Word Confusion" [homonyms], "What's the Word?" [picture vocabulary], 2Bee or Nottoobee [verb conjugation), and "Paint by Idioms")

Homophone Games:

Idiom Connection:

Idiom Games:


Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun:

Lonn Swanson’s vocabulary games:

Mrs. Ramsay's online games: (scroll past articulation games to get to language)

Nina Loves to Name Things (classifying game):

PBS Kids: (opportunities for following directions, basic concepts, sequencing, listening comprehension)

Phonics flashcards & worksheets:

Quia - mixed articulation and language games:

Tracy Boyd’s online language games:

Variety of speech sites:

Vocabulary Pinball:

Wacky Web Tales (great for working on parts of speech):​