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Ms. Moore

Ms. Moore

Lee Road Elementary School: (516) 434-7475

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This video explains the Get.A.Voice theme for this school year (R.I.S.E.) at Lee Road.
I created this website as my ePortfolio to demonstrate my technological skills.
This website helps me to remember my student teaching experience in 6th grade. Check it out!
This website showcases my service-learning. For my service-learning, I was offered a volunteer tutor/mentor position with the Tully Elementary School's After-School Program.
Here you can create a Storyboard for the Country Choice Board Project. Remember to create a Storyboard of at least 5 panels and to use your Country Fact Sheet research paper as a guide to create your Storyboard.
Title-General info-Capital City-Population
*You must include a title, picture, and desciption on each panel

If you need help logging in and saving your Storyboards - let me know! Your login should be the same as your school credentials i.e.
Here you can create a social media post for your Country Choice Board Project. This website has social media templates you can use (i.e. Facebook Post, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat Story) to promote your country.
-Your username must include your country's name
-You may talk about food, historical sites, or people
-Must include pictures and hashtags

*You shouldn't need a login for this but let me know if you need any help
*Remember to do at least 4 different posts and print them out :)