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Ms. Mason

Salk Middle School: (516) 434-7350

Ms. Mason


Teacher Resources

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Teacher Resources

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Description and Sample


Free site - just sign up.  Upload vocabulary to create sets of words for a whole bunch of fun, interactive games for students.


Sample set and games:

Academic Vocabulary Unit A



Free games and the option for premium games - just sign up for the community forum. You can create multiple choice word games with the most awesome results.  I cannot begin to say how much fun they are!


Fling the Teacher (create a catapult - get 15 questions correct and count down to toss your 'teacher' across the landscape)

Fling the Teacher Academic Vocabulary Unit B


Teacher Invaders (Space invaders with different levels.  Answer questions to get more lives and ammo to stop the teacher invaders!)

Teacher Invaders Academic Vocabulary Unit C

Free games - just sign up.  Play Pac Man for educational purposes!


Pac Man Academic Vocabulary Unit C



Free 30 day trial - then a paid subscription is necessary.  I believe that teacher subscriptions are available through the District.


This site allows you to create games, quizzes, surveys and more.  You can do matching, flash cards, Rags to Riches, Battleship, multiple choice and about 12 other types of games.  You can load files, which you can then link to your school website.


Rags to Riches - Grade 7 Vocabulary Unit 3


Battleship - Spanish Colors


Capitalization Jeopardy


Matching, Word Search, Flashcards, Concentration - Grade 8 Vocabulary Unit 10



Free site.  Allows you to create crossword puzzles, worksheets and more


Crossword - Academic Vocabulary Unit B



Free site, with option for paid premium membership.   In a nutshell, Padlet is an online bulletin board. History teachers, however, can use this tool in myriad ways. For example, Padlet users can pose open-ended questions and elicit multiple student responses—ideal for posing document-based questions using primary sources. Users can also create their own "post-it" notes in response to a directed question. Teachers can also use Padlet as an online posterboard—a natural fit for group projects. Padlet can also function as a "bell-ringer" or "ticket-out-the-door" activity, as well as a homework assignment. (description from​)

Resources padlet for summer course​

Free site, a great way to organize and keep track of all your bookmarks.  

My Pinterest site for teaching resources​