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Ms. Mason

Salk Middle School: (516) 434-7350

Ms. Mason


Review - Grammar, Figurative Language and More!

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Review - Grammar, Figurative Language and More!


Figurative Language

Reading Comprehension

 Pronoun Poppers 1

Metaphors Quiz

 Left and Right Brainpower Quiz

 Pronouns Poppers 2

 Alliteration or Simile? Quiz

Fact or Opinion? Quiz

 Literary Elements Quiz

Figurative Language Matching Game








Subject-Verb Agreement

Sentences - Run-Ons and Fragments

Grammar Links games and more!

 Quiz - test your knowledge!

Am I A Fragment?

SkillsWise - BBC online activities and flash games for grammar

 Quiz 2 - Make sure that you know your material!

Fragments and Run-Ons

Grammar Bytes

Fill in the blanks - test your skill!

Run-Ons and Fragment - Rags to Riches

Fun Brain

More fill in the blanks

Wacky Web Tales - Create tales using online fill-ins like Mad-Libs

Grammar Zone

Grammar Gorillas

Spelling and Editing Activities


Grammar Ninja!

Spelling Connections Online

Apostrophes (adapted from The Oatmeal)

Houghton Mifflin Grade games



Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) - Grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, sentence style, paraphrasing and writing numbers activities, lessons and games!







Fling the Teacher! games


GREAT educational games sites

Figurative Language​



Semi-Colons (adapted from The Oatmeal)

 Mr. Anker Tests - Reading, math, Social Studies and more!

Free Rice. com - English, math, languages and geography!

Prefixes, Suffixes and Root Words


Writing and Editing



Editing game

Root Words




Grammar Quizzes



Grammar Quiz site