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Ms. Mason

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Ms. Mason


Remote Access Instructions for Students

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Remote Access Instructions for Students
​​​​​​​All students are able to access their school desktops from home (or other locations).  These instructions have been mostly copied and pasted (with some minor changes) from the Levittown School District website.  The only real problem that I have found is that you MUST use Internet Explorer 6 or higher.  Remote Access WILL NOT WORK with any other browser.  Good luck!

Unfortunately, Mac and Apple users can not access the Remote Desktop.  Only PC users will be able to use the system.

Please note - I am NOT a computer programmer - a version of these instructions is in a document folder on the website.  If all else fails, please contact the Computer Department during school hours.

Instructions for Remote Access to Student Desktop

​​​​​1.  Open Internet Explorer (version 6 or higher.  No other browser will work!
2.  In the address bar type the following URL:
3.  A log in screen will appear - ​
~in the box ​Domain\user name type in academic\school user name
~in the box password type in your school password
Note:  for students the domain will ALWAYS be 'academic' and you will ALWAYS use your school user name and password
4.  Click the Sign In button
5.  A screen will appear that lists different programs (with icons).  Congratulations!  You are now logged into the Levittown Remote Desktop site!
6. ​Please note: When you click on a program, you may be asked to log in again.  You may do so by clicking the 'Connect' button and entering your login information.  If this doesn't work - see below.

Troubleshooting Remote Access to Student Desktop

​​​​​​1.  To check to see if your Internet Explorer and Remote Desktop Client are up to date, click the link here for more information.  
2.  You will see a help link for Internet Explorer​
​​3.  Follow the instructions to make sure that your browser is current and that you have the correct program to install the Remote Desktop.
4.  If there is STILL a problem, make sure that you are entering your domain, user name and password correctly.  Everything is case sensitive. Make sure that the backslash ('\') is pointed in the correct direction!
5.  If all else fails - use a flashdrive to bring your work back and forth to school.  Don't spend a lot of money - the cheapest drive is fine.  If you do not own a drive, I have a lending bank of flashdrives - see me to sign one out.
6. Remember - NO EXCUSES! Do not wait for the last minute to try this out!