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Ms. Mason

Salk Middle School: (516) 434-7350

Ms. Mason


Final Exam Review

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Final Exam Review
Final Exam Review - Study Guide


Final Exam Review - Vocabulary

Note:  CONTENT words from units A-E are on the final - review with individual units (on 7th grade vocabulary page​), as well as the tools below

Review Organizer - Fill in the definition

Words with definitions

Quizlet Review Games​

Matching Game​​​


Final Exam Review - Figurative Language/Poetry

Figurative Language Oganizer with definitions

Figurative Language PowerPoint​

Final Exam Review - "Three Century Woman" Scavenger Hunt​
Pronoun Town -(Thank you, Mrs. Dakis!)

Grammar Review Games - (Thank you, Mrs. Anderson!)

Literature Review- Noun Palettes and Writing Tips
​Use the noun palettes to review for plot and concepts.  Use either these stories OR ANY OTHER THAT WE HAVE READ IN CLASS and be able to answer the 5 "C" questions (courage, characterization, conflict, change, choices)