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Ms. Zeller

Wisdom Lane Middle School: (516) 434-7300

Ms. Zeller


6th grade Overview

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6th grade Overview

week 1 syllabus, welcome to class, overview of class rules and expectations,   Self-esteem

week 2 All about me-A Slice of Me,with presentations

week 3 Chapter 1. with workbook questions and answers -Self esteem dvd

week 4 How to deal with stress successfully (Help I'm stressed dvd with worksheet) and situations role-playing

week 5 Students will watch The Blind Side with a worksheet.

week 6 Families Chapter 2  


week 7 Friend for Sale, values, want and needs    

week 8 Stranger danger-What is it? packet  

week 9 Fire safety,quiz online safety, fire assignment layout.

week 10 Decision making process, video scenarios

week 11 Child care unit 3 weeks P.I.E.S. lesson and activities

week 12 child abuse and babysitting

week 13 activities for child care, boo boo bunnies, cheerio bracelet and food activity

week 14