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Mr. Rubin

MacArthur High School (516) 434-7225; Salk Middle School (516) 434-7350

Mr. Rubin


-Newly Independent States

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-Newly Independent States
        1. Governance:

          1.  The redrawing of political boundaries after the withdrawal of former colonial authorities led to the creation of news states

            1. Israel = Zionists (people who wanted a Jewish homeland) got their wish after World War II when Israel was created. Those living on the land at the time (Palestinians) were not happy about it, and the two sides have been at odds since.

            2. Cambodia, located in Indochina (area south of China which was colonized by France) gained independence in 1953.

            3. Pakistan = When India gained independence, it was portioned, and the country of Pakistan was also created as a place for Muslims to live.

          2. The redrawing of political boundaries in some cases led to conflict as well as population displacement and/or resettlements, including those related to the Partition of India and the creation of the state of Israel. When India was partitioned and Pakistan was created, over 12 million people moved (Hindus moved into India, and Muslims moved into Pakistan. Along the way, there was much violence and hundreds of thousands were killed.


        1. Economic Systems:

          1.  In newly independent states after World War II, governments often took on a strong role in guiding economic life to promote development.

            1. Egypt = Led by Gamal Abdel Nasser, the government promoted economic development, including nationalizing some industries, with mixed success.

            2. Indira Gandhi’s economic policies in India

            3. Julius Nyerere’s modernization in Tanzania

            4. Sirimavo Bandaranaike’s economic policies in Sri Lanka

          2. The migration of former colonial subjects to imperial metropoles (the former colonizing country), usually in the major cities, maintained cultural and economic ties between the colony and the dissolution of empires.

            1. Many South Asians moved to Britain

            2. Many Algerians moved to France

            3. Many Filipinos moved to the United States


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