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Mr. Rubin

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Mr. Rubin


-Global Resistance to Established Power Structures After 1900

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-Global Resistance to Established Power Structures After 1900
A.    Cultural Developments and Interactions:

a.    Although conflict dominated much of the 20th century, many individuals, and groups – including states – opposed this trend. Some individuals and groups, however, intensified the conflicts.

                                         i.      Augusto Pinochet = Led a military coup (rebellion) and took control of Chile in 1973. He was a ruthless dictator who many of his own citizens killed. He was initially supported by the U.S. because he was a conservative, anti-communist ruler, so the U.S. did not have to worry about Chile being communist under his rule.

                                       ii.      Francisco Franco = Fascist dictator of Spain. Took power following the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s.

                                     iii.      Idi Amin = President of Uganda from 1971-1979, he was a brutal dictator known as “The Butcher” for all the people he ordered killed.

                                     iv.      Military-Industrial Complex =

                                       v.      The buildup of the military-industrial complex and weapons trading

LINK: Click here for Augusto Pinochet Article

b.   Groups and individuals challenged many wars of the century, and some, such as Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela, promoted the practice of nonviolence as a way to bring about political change.

c.    Militaries and militarized states often responded to the proliferation of conflicts in ways that further intensified conflict.

d.   Some movements used violence against civilians in an effort to achieve political aims.

                                         i.      Shining Path

                                       ii.      Al-Qaeda