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Mr. Rubin

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Mr. Rubin


-Decolonization After 1900

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-Decolonization After 1900
​​​A. Governance: 
  • Nationalist leaders and parties in Asia and Africa sought varying degrees of autonomy within or independence from imperial rule
    • Indian National Congress
    • Ho Chi Minh in French Indochina (Vietnam)
    • Kwame Nkrumah in British Gold Coast (Ghana)
    • Gamal Abdel Nasser in Egypt
  • After the end of World War II, some colonies negotiated their independence, while others achieved independence through armed struggle
    • Negotiated independence
      • India from the British Empire
      • The Gold Coast from the British Empire
      • French West Africa

Here's link to website for podcast if file above doesn't work for you:
    • Independence through armed struggle
      • Algeria from the French empire
      • ​Angola from the Portuguese empire
      • ​Vietnam from the French empire
  • Regional, religious, and ethnic movements challenged colonial rule and inherited imperial boundaries. Some of these movements advocated for autonomy.
    • Muslim League in British India
    • Quebecois separatist movement in Canada
    • Biafra secessionist movement in Nigeria.


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