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Mr. Rubin

MacArthur High School (516) 434-7225; Salk Middle School (516) 434-7350

Mr. Rubin


-6) World War I

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-6) World War I

Video: Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

(video above is part 1, click on part 2 after 1 is done, then part 3. Stop watching once they finish talking about Franz Ferdinand in part 3)


Podcast - America Enters WWI.mp3Podcast - America Enters WWI.mp3




 U.S. Enters World War I




 Murder on the Atlantic





 Ther Lost Batallion



World War I - The Fighting



 Trench Warfare





 A Soldier's Kit in World War I











 Escaping the Trenches





 Barbed Wire










 Dogs in World War I





 Machine Guns