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Ms. Clark

MacArthur High School: (516) 434-7225

Ms. Clark


Unit 8 Quadrilaterals

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Unit 8 Quadrilaterals

(Finish for HW) 
2/11 Quizizz Assignments done in class for practice for Test 
Code 980905

HW #4 Reveiw for Quest
2/12 QUEST - All Classes 
Study - Marble NB (properties & family tree), Quizlets and Quizizz, Review/Redo Classwork/Homework from Monday 2/10 and
Do HW#4 for Practice as well 

KNOW....All Properties on the Family Tree that properties that make each quadrilateral earn their name and apply the property algebraically to solve for missing values of sides/angles/diagonals

3/3 QUEST - Quadrilateral Proofs Only
Be able to do proofs with Quadrilaterals as GIVENS and to PROVE