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Ms. Clark

MacArthur High School: (516) 434-7225

Ms. Clark


Unit 6 Unknown Angles

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Unit 6 Unknown Angles

QUIZ FRIDAY 12/13 Period 3/4
MONDAY 12/16 Period 8/9
Study.... Angle Relationships and Parallel Line Angle Relationships, Use Marble NB for Review of facts, Classwork from Thursday and HW#18

12/16 Finish Classwork from Friday
Do HW#19 Evens in Class and Check in Class

12/17 Stations Classwork Practice 

12/18 Go over Quiz
Go over Delta Assignment #3,#4 Topics
Review for Test 


12/20 Period 8/9 Finish Test

TEST... Thursday 12/19 ALL CLASSES
Study - Marble NB, Quizlet, Go over Quiz, HW #19, HW#20, Station Work Classwork, Do/Check Review Packet