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Ms. Clark

MacArthur High School: (516) 434-7225

Ms. Clark


Unit 4 Constructions

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Unit 4 Constructions


 11/12 Constructing Segments and Triangles.docxConstructing Segments and Triangles.docx

11/13Construction of Angles and Angle Bisectors.docxConstruction of Angles and Angle Bisectors.docx 

11/14 Constructing Perpendiculars.docxConstructing Perpendiculars.docx

11/15Constructing a Square Classwork.pdfConstructing a Square Classwork.pdf

11/18Incenter and Centroids.docxIncenter and Centroids.docx

11/19Circumcenter and Orthocenter Classwork.docxCircumcenter and Orthocenter Classwork.docx

11/20 Wrap up Constructions

Test/QUEST Thursday 11/21


Study Marble NB, Do Review Packet,

Review HW#4,6