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Ms. Clark

MacArthur High School: (516) 434-7225

Ms. Clark


Unit 3 - 3 Dimensional Space

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Unit 3 - 3 Dimensional Space

10/25 Review of Area - Marble NB and Quizlet 

Tuesday 10/29 Period8/9
Wednesday 10/30 Period 3/4

All Areas- Union, Intersections, Subsets; Types of Geometric Solids and their nets and revolutions; and Scaling Area
Study Marble NB, Quizlet and HW#26 and #27

11/5 No Classes - Election Day
Start to Prepare for Test - This will be the last test grade of Q1

11/6 Period 3/4Cavalieri Classwork.docxCavalieri Classwork.docx 

11/7 TEST Period 8/9

11/8 TEST Period 3/4

11/8 Period 8/9
No Class Period 8
Shelter Drill Period 9
Bring in Marble NB to be Graded 

TEST - Last Test Grade of Q1 
Study Marble NB, Quizlet- Defintions and Formula Understanding, 
Quizizz Practice, Go over Quiz on Area, DO REVIEW PACKET