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Ms. Clark

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Ms. Clark


Unit 11 Right Triangle Proportions and Trig

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Unit 11 Right Triangle Proportions and Trig
Remote Learning

Monday April 20th 
Please watch the video on a new triangle fact as well as our first Right Triangle Theorem: Pythageorean Theorem.  The handout is posted too

After watching the video, please do the homework assignment which is on Quizizz.  So log onto Quizizz and use 
Code: 379355   to access the assignment.  The Quizizz will shut down at 10:00PM.

​Tuesday April 21st
​Please watch the video that continues with the Pythageorean Theorem, but as applied to different polygons not just straight forward Right Triangles. 

After watching the video and following the handout for today, please do HW#1 posted below and check your solutions for understanding.  As always ask questions through Remind or Messages in Edmodo. 

Wednesday April 22nd
Please watch the video using the link that will go over HW#1 that was assigned yesterday.  I will review important facts and mistakes that are commonly made on these questions.  Please pay attention.

When you are finished, log onto Quizizz using code: 552800 
and do "Triangle Inequality and Pythagorean Theorem Assessment"
This will shut down at 10:00PM

Thursday April 23rd
Please, please, please watch and pay attention fo this video today.  The lesson is brand new.  You have not done this in the past, so you MUST watch to learn.  Again, sorry it is a bit longer than usual, but because it is a new concept, I needed to take my time.  You may want to print out if you can or at least follow the hanout that has the soutions so you can just follow along and understand instead of worring about copying it all down.
We will be practing these same concepts tomorrow and next week, so pleanty of time to practice and master this new skill.

When you are done with the video, log on to Delta Math and do the assignment "Right Triangle Proportions HW"

Friday April 24th 

Monday April 27th
Watch the video that is of a Partner worksheet.  I am everyones partner :)  I do all the questions in Column A.  YOU are to do all the questions in column B.  Our answers should be the same for each question.  If you do not get the same answer, try and find your mistake.  Otherwise, please message me through Remind or Edmodo (I like Remind better as I get the message faster) When done, please send a picture though the Assignment on Edmodo. 
(The handout has Column A done, you do Column B)

Tuesday April 28th
Watch today's video where I will go over the Partner work from yesterday, Column B.  I also do one question from today's work which is a handout practicing more HLLS and SAAS. Please check your work with the solutions when done.  I also commented on the work that was sent to me yesterday so please be sure to check your assigments for the comment.   

Wednesday April 29th
Please watch the video in which I recap what we have covered with Right triangles so far.  I will than do the first two questions in today's work and you are to finish.  Please check your solutions to the solution page for understanding. This is the review for our assessment we will have the next two days. 

Thursday April 30th and Friday May 1st 
There is no video today.  Please rewatch the video from Wednesday for reinforcement if you need it.  You can of course use the review handout as well while doing the assessement for today.  

The assessment is on Quizizz and it is due on FRIDAY MAY 1st by 3:00PM

​Please keep in mind this will shut down at 3:00 even if you are working on it, so plan accordingly so you can finish it.  Since you have 2 days, maybe do it in pieces over the 2 days?  
Quizizz Code: 083605

Monday May 4th
Please watch the video below that will be an introduction to Trigonometry which we will be working on this week and next week.  After watching the video, please do the assignment "5/4 Using Trig to find sides Homework" on Delta Math.

Tuesday May 5th
Please watch the video below that will continue with SohCahToa to find the sides of a right triangle.  When you are finished, do HW#4 posted and check your work for understanding. 

Wednesday May 6th
Please watch the video below where we will learn how to use SohCahToa to find the ANGLES of a Right Triangle.  When you are done, go to Delta Math and do the assignment "5/6 Using Trig to find Angles HW"

Thursday May 7th 
Please watch the video below where I go over the rest of the handout from yesterday.  When you are done, please do HW#6 posted below.  

**Remember TODAY is our "Trial" ZOOM**
See todays post for sign information
Period 3/4 11:00AM-11:30AM
Period 8/9 11:45AM-12:15PM

Friday May 8th 
Please watch the video for a quick review/recap of our Trig so far.  When you are ready, log onto Quizizz and take the assessment.  
Code:  425333
You have until 11:59 to finish the assessment. 

Monday May 11th
Please watch the video for today in which I will go over the angle of elevation and depression.  The handout is posted that I am working on.  When you are done, please do the HW assignment posted below as well and check your answers with the solution page for understanding. 

Tuesday May 12th 

​Please watch the video today in which I will continue with the handout from yesterday on Angle of Elevation and Depression.  The handout is posted again as well as the answers.  When you are done with the video, please do the posted homework and check your answers for understanding. 

Wednesday May 13th
Please do the posted assignement below.  It is a review of trig and angles of elevation/depression.  Tomorrow I will post a video going over this assignment, so keep in a safe place so you can check it and understand any mistakes you may have made.

Thursday May 14th

Please watch the posted video in which I go over the assignment from yesterday.  Please check against your work to make sure you understand any mistakes you made.  The solution page is also posted to check your work.  When you are done, log on to Quizizz and do the assignment that will shut down at 11:59PM tonight.
Quizizz Code: 7710609

Friday May 15th
​There is not a new video today, but if you need to review you can rewatch the video from yesterday in preperation for today's assignment.  Please click on the link below, type in your name where indicated and complete ALL questions.  When done just click submit at the end of the assignement and it will get to me directly.  
This assignment must be completed by SUNDAY 5/17 by 3:00PM.