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Ms. Eck

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Ms. Eck


Social Studies 7

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Social Studies 7



Flag of the United States of America 


Native Americans
Cover Page intro and native americans Filled In.docxCover Page intro and native americans Filled In.docx

What are the Social Sciences Answer Key.docxWhat are the Social Sciences Answer Key.docx

Physical Map 2017 filled in.notebookPhysical Map 2017 filled in.notebook

Unit 1 definitions.docxUnit 1 definitions.docx

iroquois reading Answers.docxiroquois reading Answers.docx

Sioux HuntersAnswers.docxSioux HuntersAnswers.docx

 Stations Native AmericanAnswers.docxStations Native AmericanAnswers.docx


Venn Irooquois and SiouxFilled In.docxVenn Irooquois and SiouxFilled In.docx

Review Fill In.Answers.docxReview Fill In.Answers.docx

Study guide 2017Answers.docxStudy guide 2017Answers.docx


 Cover sheet explorationanswers.docxCover sheet explorationanswers.docx

Unit 2 vocabulary.docxUnit 2 vocabulary.docx

A meeting of different worlds Answers.docxA meeting of different worlds Answers.docx


Unit 2 vocabulary.docxUnit 2 vocabulary.docx

Writing Assignment.pptxWriting Assignment.pptx

New Spain Matching.answers.docxNew Spain Matching.answers.docx 


 Englilsh Colonizations

The New England Colonies Chart.docxThe New England Colonies Chart.docx


Pilgrims in America Video

13 colonies notes.docx13 colonies notes.docx

Unit 3 vocabulary.docxUnit 3 vocabulary.docx


mayflower compact​

English Colonies

The English Colonies Grow Completed 2015.docxThe English Colonies Grow Completed 2015.docx


vocabulary Unit 5 Review.docxvocabulary Unit 5 Review.docx

American Revolution

Revolutionary War CWPT.docxRevolutionary War CWPT.docx

Articles of Confederation

Articles of Confederation notes.docxArticles of Confederation notes.docx

The Constitution

Preamble pg 1.docPreamble pg 1.doc

Checks and Balances notes.docxChecks and Balances notes.docx 

Preamble Project.docxPreamble Project.docx

Unit 10

Homework link

Unit 14

 Reform Project Link




Launching a New Nation

Launching a New Nation peer tutoring.docLaunching a New Nation peer tutoring.doc 

Launching a New Nation study guide.docLaunching a New Nation study guide.doc

Unit 10 Study Guide.docxUnit 10 Study Guide.docx

Unit 10 Quiz  Study Guide.docxUnit 10 Quiz Study Guide.docx

Age of Jefferson

unit 11 Quiz Study Guide.docxunit 11 Quiz Study Guide.docx

unit 11 age of jefferson.docxunit 11 age of jefferson.docx

Jefferson Era Study Guide SC.docxJefferson Era Study Guide SC.docx

 Era of Good Feelings

Unit 12 Era of Good Feelings Quiz Study Guide.docxUnit 12 Era of Good Feelings Quiz Study Guide.docx

Unit 12 Era of Good Feelings Study Guide.docxUnit 12 Era of Good Feelings Study Guide.docx

A Changing Nation 1815 - 1840 study guide.docA Changing Nation 1815 - 1840 study guide.doc

CWPT Era of Good Feelings.docCWPT Era of Good Feelings.doc

quiz review.docxquiz review.docx