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Ms. Eck

Salk Middle School: (516) 434-7350

Ms. Eck


English 7

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English 7

Study Guides                                            

"Lamb of the SlaughterLamb of the Slaughter"

study guide for Lamb of the slaughter.docxstudy guide for Lamb of the slaughter.docx

"Seventh Grade"                                                                              

Seventh Grade study guide.docxSeventh Grade study guide.docx                                             


Charles Review.docxCharles Review.docx                                                                                                 

"The Harrington's Daughter"    

The Harrington[1].docxThe Harrington[1].docx    



ACHTZIGER/ECK "A Christmas Carol" Essay

christams carol essay.docxchristams carol essay.docx                                                                          

 writing an intro.docx

Themes from a Christmas Carol.docxThemes from a Christmas Carol.docx ​

christmas carol essay format.docxchristmas carol essay format.docx                

christmas carol essay formatanswers.docxchristmas carol essay formatanswers.docx

Christmas Carol test study guide.docxChristmas Carol test study guide.docx

"The Last Dog"

The Last Dog Study Guide.docxThe Last Dog Study Guide.docx



The Giver Study guide ch 1,2,3,4.docxThe Giver Study guide ch 1,2,3,4.docx   

chapter 1-4 study guide.docxchapter 1-4 study guide.docx



"A Lamb to the Slaughter"

Mary Maloney text examples.docxMary Maloney text examples.docx


"Seventh Grade"

 Seventh Grade ELA[1].docxSeventh Grade ELA[1].docx




"A Christmas Carol"

A Christmas Carol text 2015.docxA Christmas Carol text 2015.docx                                                                    

Character traits Scrooge.docxCharacter traits Scrooge.docx

Marley's visit questions.docxMarley's visit questions.docx

Christmas Present visit.docxChristmas Present visit.docx

 Christmas future visit.docxChristmas future visit.docx

essay graphic organizer.docxessay graphic organizer.docx

Essay at end.docxEssay at end.docx

Notes for A Christmas Carol.docxNotes for A Christmas Carol.docx           




Final Exam Review

 review of plot.pptxreview of plot.pptx

 REview of Plot 2.pptxREview of Plot 2.pptx



Grammar Review 


Homonyms images.pptxHomonyms images.pptx

Subject-Verb Agreement.pptxSubject-Verb Agreement.pptx





Writing Assignment.docxWriting Assignment.docx